Amanda Evans - Vancity Social Innovation Award

amanda_evans_photo.jpgAmanda has always been passionate about the environment; at age 10 she started a recycling program and during high school became the President of the Environment Club. During University, she co-founded the Ecological Restoration Volunteer Network, a student run club that connects students to local ecological restoration volunteer work parties. Amanda has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Environmental Studies, as well as a Diploma in Restoration of Natural Systems. Through her work with the Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team she developed a restoration plan for a new park in View Royal and has coordinated volunteers in Portage Park in View Royal. She helped launch the volunteer program in the Town of View Royal and was the coordinator for the very first volunteer activities in two parks in View Royal. She has pushed for the continuation of the ecological restoration project in Portage Park, funded by the Town of View Royal which has resulted with another RNS students being given the opportunity to continue the work in Portage Park including coordinating volunteers and expanding the program to other parks in View Royal. She has led a successful canvass team of fundraisers with the Ancient Forest Alliance and has helped raise more than 8000 new supporters. Amanda is making communities more environmentally resilient through her strong leadership as the Program Manager of the Greater Victoria Green Team.