Deborah Antonsen - Nominee

Deborah Antonsen is Administator of the James Bay Beacon Community Newspaper, which is substantially powered by volunteers and focused on issues of interest to people who live and work in James Bay.

Since 1992, the Beacon has been distributed ten times a year to approximately seven thousand residences in our target area. Deborah has coordinated publication of the Beacon since 2002.

Deborah Antonsen was born and raised on Vancouver Island. Newspapers have been an important part of her life from the get go. Her first job (other than babysitting) was at the Alberni Valley Times. She was a Grade 10 student when she started, and she worked there until graduation - summers and part time during the school year - learning the business from the ground up by working in every department except production, she says. 

After graduation, she went to work for the Parksville Progress, before moving to Victoria in 1979 to attend college. She later worked for HAction, a newspaper published by the Handicapped Action Committee.

Deborah has been part of the non-profit sector for most of her adult life, where print communications and work with volunteers have been important threads. She has brought these skills to the James Bay Beacon Community Newspaper since 2002. 

The James Bay Newspaper Society is proud of Deborah’s work and pleased to nominate her for a Victoria Leadership Award.