Don Evans: Our Place Society


In his 5 years as Executive Director of Our Place Society, Don Evans has increased its residence and program capacities, made meaningful connections with community organizations and governments, turned the Society’s finances around, and gave it a positive reputation once more. “It’s the perfect combination for my passion for social justice, and my finance and business background,” Evans says.

Collaborating with the community at large has given Our Place the resources to contribute help and support with ongoing events, such as Tent City and the current drug crisis. In fact, collaboration and teamwork are important values for Evans. “You need to surround yourself with people who share your passions. I believe that the people I have around me are just as strong, or stronger than me.” Humility, Evans believes, is one of the most important features of a good leader. “We don’t do any of it on our own. We’ve had people to help us, and we have to recognize the people around me who continue to help me every day.”

Evans believes that leadership comes from a spirit of service: service to his team and staff, service to the users of Our Place, and service to the community.