I hope my volunteering will inspire other people

Ted and Helen Hughes were honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award for Community Leadership in 2009. We asked them each to share their thoughts about what this award meant to them, and what kinds of activities they are involved in nowadays.

VKA-Hughes0639.jpgWhat did it mean for you (at the time) to be the recipient of the Victoria Leadership Award?

Helen: It was an honour to receive the Victoria Leadership Award which I felt that I did on behalf of the thousands of people in the Capital Region who so unselfishly give of their time so that  community programs can continue to infuse caring in our community. It is vital to ensure that activities are accessible to all age groups and I hope that my volunteering will give ideas  which inspire other people to join the ranks of those who go in other directions to serve all ages to better the lives of all.

Ted: It was an unexpected honour to receive the award from an organization committed to keeping our community in supply of individuals prepared to step forward and assume leadership roles. The need will always be there to assist the less fortunate in our midst and to be in a position to play a leadership role in that endeavor is a special gift. The function that Leadership Victoria fulfills in preparing capable and willing people to assume that responsibility is invaluable. To be considered by Leadership  Victoria as worthy of its recognition has always been very meaningful to me.

What kinds of community leadership are you involved in now?

Helen: I am now a member of the Family Court and Youth Justice Committee, Capital Region Action Team – helping Sexually Exploited Youth, Souper Bowls of Hope fundraiser for Youth programs, Cabinet member for Cool Aid Housing.

Ted: I am retired but involved in the volunteer sector. As the first co-chair several years ago (with Mayor Alan Lowe of Victoria) of the Coalition to End Homelessness in the Greater Victoria region, and I have again become involved in that issue by chairing a committee to review and reassess the Coalition's objective, mission and goals, and report out on those matters by November 30.