It takes vision and drive to make a difference

The VLA2016 organizing committee has been checking in with award recipients from past years to learn about the impact the Victoria Leadership Award has had on them. We'll be sharing a series of these reflections over the next few months.

Today's featured recipient is Sarah Rose McShane (Robert), who received the Youth Leadership Award in 2014. 

Sarah_Rose_2014_VancityYouthAward_reduced.jpgWe asked Sarah Rose "what did it mean for you (at the time) to be the recipient of the Victoria Leadership Award?"

"Winning the Victoria Leadership Award was a very motivating and exciting experience for me! Being able to share my passion and views on leadership at the awards night was wonderful! The whole experience made me realize the importance of taking the time to recognize those around us who are passionate about making their community a better place. It takes vision and drive to make a difference but it also takes a lot of support. Since winning the award I have worked hard to foster and support those around me who have that drive and commitment."

(Photo: Sarah Rose McShane (Robert), on the right, receiving the award for Youth Leadership from Andrea di Lucca, left).