Kim Cummins: Shelbourne Community Kitchen


Kim Cummins cares about good food. And not only does she care about good food, but she cares about access to good food. This is why her work as the program co-ordinator at the Shelbourne Community Kitchen is so important: she helps everyone have access to fresh ingredients and the skills to turn it into delicious and nutritious meals for the whole family.

“Food security is a complex issue,” says Cummins, “but we can help with the diversity of programs we offer, with the variety of skills of our volunteers and community members, and a creative, non-judgmental space for everyone to connect with food.” The kitchen serves more than 260 participants each month.

Cummins believes that leadership is about listening to the people you work with, and helping them work with the talents and skills that make them thrive. “Since we work exclusively with volunteers, we need to look at everyone’s skills and talents, and make them feel part of a community to which they can contribute.” She says that leadership means leaving your ego at the door, making space for the team, learning from your mistakes, and celebrating your successes.