Submit a Nomination

Nominations for the 2018 Victoria Leadership Awards is now open! Nomination deadline is EXTENDED to March 27.

You will need:

  • Nominator and nominee's contact information;
  • Permission from the person you're nominating, because you'll be sharing their personal information with us;
  • Responses to questions about the person you're nominating, and why you think they make a great community leader within the category you're nominating them for;
  • Geographic Areas Impacted by the Community Leadership of your nominee.

Public nominations will be accepted from people from all ages and all walks of life. If you know someone who has had a large community impact or has demonstrated positive leadership in their community they may be eligible for a Victoria Community Leadership Award. Visit our Selection Page for more information on the the criteria to nominate a local leader.

Please follow this link, VCLA Nomination Form to suggest a community leader that you know to be recognized in the 2018 Victoria Leadership Awards! Please email the completed form to