Past Recipients

From 2004 - 2016 the awards were administered to Nominees and Honourees who were recognized in nine categories. Starting in 2017, we chose to celebrate a wide range of stories from all aspects of community life. 

heart_pharmacy.pngLifetime Achievement in Community Leadership 

Recognizing a community leader's long term and outstanding service in community leadership roles such as philanthropy, innovation, mentoring and career achievement. Past winners of this award are: 

University of Victoria Community Leadership Awards

Uvic.jpgRecognizing exemplary leadership in linking the University of Victoria and the community for greater public benefit. Past winners of this award are:

  • 2016: Frank Low
  • 2015: Bill Anderson and Bruce Parisian
  • 2014: Helene Cazes and Donna Greschner
  • 2013: David Lai and Ana Maria Peredo
  • 2012: Mary Ellen Purkis and Andrew Weaver
  • 2011: Bernie Pauly and Michael Prince
  • 2010: David Burns
  • 2009: Elaine Gallagher and Bud Hall
  • 2008: Sibylle Artz and Bonnie Leadbeater
  • 2007: Glenn Gallins and Ian MacPherson
  • 2006: David Leeming and Rebecca Grant
  • 2005: Marge Reitsma-Street and Nigel Livingston

Rotary Clubs of Greater Victoria Community Leadership Award

rotarylogoGV.pngRecognizing leadership in community service that demonstrates the highest standards of personal integrity and ethical behaviour. Past winners of this award are:

  • 2016: Deborah Antonsen
  • 2015: Kelly Reid and Scott Treble
  • 2014: Gordy Dodd and Cindy Moyer
  • 2013: Colin Smith and Gordon Harper
  • 2012: Chris Causton and Bruce Williams
  • 2011: Sandra Richardson
  • 2010: Charlayne Thornton-Joe
  • 2009: Trudi Brown and Bea Holland
  • 2008: Bob Skene and Mabel Jean Rawlins
  • 2007: The Late Roger Colwill and Terry Farmer
  • 2006: Michael Kovacs and Hajimohammed Charania
  • 2005: Bob Beckett and Barbara Smith

United Way Greater Victoria Award for Collaboration and Partnership

UWGVBoardLogo_small.jpgRecognizing an individual leader in a non-profit organization who is building community capacity by creating partnerships and collaboration. Past winners of this award are:

Victoria Foundation Award for Community Leadership

VICFO_LOGO_Vert_CMYK.jpgRecognizing an organization that is building community capacity and achieving positive change. Past winners of this award are:

  • 2016: Artemis Place Society
  • 2015: Pacifica Housing Advisory Association
  • 2014: The Cridge Centre for the Family
  • 2013: Victoria Cool Aid Society
  • 2012: Pacific Centre Family Services Association
  • 2011: Volunteer Victoria
  • 2010: Victoria Women's Sexual Assault Centre
  • 2009: Victoria Native Friendship Centre

NEW! Social Innovation Award

Vancity_wordmark_1795.jpgRecognizing leadership that challenges the status quo and develops new approaches to community challenges in the areas of social justice, food security and financial empowerment. This award is new in 2016, sponsored by Vancity Savings Credit Union, which previously sponsored the Youth Leadership Award.

Youth Leadership Award

coast-capital-logo_vertical.jpgRecognizing a young leader between the ages of 15-30 who demonstrates community leadership. Past winners of this award are:

  • 2016: Jordan Perrault
  • 2015: Alex Harned
  • 2014: Sarah Rose Robert
  • 2013: Rupinder Prihar
  • 2012: Leanna Hill
  • 2011: Jill Doucette
  • 2010: Katie Shaw
  • 2009: Ivan Watson
  • 2008: Roselynn Verwoord
  • 2007: Ashley Heaslip
  • 2006: Robin Irving

Royal Roads University Award for Leadership Excellence Through Coaching and Mentoring

RRU_Logo_4C_Vert_pos.jpgRecognizing long-term and outstanding service in community leadership with roles that specifically focus on coaching and/or mentoring either professionally or informally. Past winners of this award are:

Leadership Victoria Alumni Award

Recognizing a graduate of the Leadership Victoria Community Leadership Development Program. This award celebrates a Leadership Victoria Alumni who has demonstrated the principles of leadership while making a significant impact on a community issue or need. Past winners of this award are:

  • 2016: Erika Ladouceur
  • 2015: Maja Tait
  • 2014: Yasmin Rampuri
  • 2013: Shawn Steele
  • 2012: Jeannette Hughes
  • 2011: Rick Anthony
  • 2010: Laura Walsh