Peggy Howard - Nominee

The Adoptive Families Association of BC is nominating Ms Peggy Howard for the UVic Community Leadership Award because she is a champion for providing youth in and from BC government care with access to post secondary education. Ms Howard has demonstrated outstanding leadership in linking UVic to the community for greater public benefit as she enables youth to potentially study and attend classes at UVic and other post-secondaries with the financial assistance of the Howard Legacy Youth Fund, which she founded.

Peggy has reached out to her networks and personally committed and solicited funds to assist youth in and from BC's government care system to attend a post secondary level institution. The impact of Ms Howard's fundraising activities will be felt for generations as (Howard Legacy Youth Fund awarded) youth graduate from post-secondary education and achieve goals that, without the assistance of this bursary, would not have been possible. Each year since the fund's inception, two youth in and from BC government care are awarded bursaries that go toward the cost of their post secondary education. Armed with a post secondary education, youth in and from care are afforded an excellent chance of a successful future in their personal, and career goals.