Victoria Community Leadership Awards (VCLA) are open to all residents of Greater Victoria.

The Awards recognize excellence and accomplishment in community leadership. 

What is Community Leadership?

Community leadership is the practice of leadership for the advancement of community benefit, addressing the complex issues and challenges that face Greater Victoria. Though leadership is present in all fields of work, community leadership drives solutions that combine diverse stakeholders from across sectors, without traditional hierarchies or clear rules of engagement.

The Victoria Leadership Awards recognizes the four pillars of community leadership.

  • Know and Manage Self
  • Navigate Community Systems
  • Lead Through Influence
  • Make Things Happen

If you would like to view the four pillars of community leadership in more detail please follow this link What is a Community Leader?

These practices are embedded in the nomination and selection processes for the awards.

Selection Criteria

Our criteria for “what makes a community leader” for the sake of these awards is as follows:

  • Has this leader (individual or team) driven or strongly influenced a change or improvement that has led to a significant positive impact for the Greater Victoria community?
    • We are looking for leadership that benefits the community, not just members of a specific team, club, or membership-based organization.
    • We are looking for leaders who make something different or better, not just fabulous volunteers (they’re great, but there are other awards for volunteerism) or generous philanthropists (again, love ‘em, but there are other awards).
    • Has this leader (individual or team) brought people together from different backgrounds or points of view, to work towards a shared vision?
    • Does this leader (individual or team) demonstrate that they are motivated by a strong set of values – including personal integrity – that inspire others?

The 24 stories we select will represent a variety of community topics AND geographic coverage in the region, so if there are many people nominated from one field of community work or part of town, some of them may not be selected and would be eligible for consideration in future years.

How are Award Recipients Selected?

A selection panel drawn from past recipients of Victoria Leadership Awards will look at the submitted stories of leadership and choose up to 24 stories that represent strong examples of community leadership, geographic representation through the region, and impact on a variety of community issues. The selection panel members will review each nominee, based on the information provided in the nomination package, and select up to 24 outstanding leaders in Greater Victoria. 

One community leader will be profiled as a "Lifetime of Leadership" recipient based on 25+ years of leadership contributions. 

How are Award Recipients Notified and Recognized?

Prior to the event, the community leaders selected for recognition will be featured in Black Press community papers in early 2018, and recognized by the community at a reception in Spring 2018. Tickets for that event will be available on soon.  All award recipients will receive a certificate of recognition from the Victoria Community Leadership Awards. 

Some Other Fine Print

We are allowing nominations that are a “surprise” this year, so you can nominate somebody and they won’t find out until they have been selected. 

We are not accepting nominations for people who are currently serving in elected office.

You can nominate young people (under 18), as long as their parent/guardian will provide consent for the media coverage.