Victoria Community Leadership Awards 2017

The Victoria Leadership Awards have been reinvented to highlight community leaders from all walks of life. Nominees will be selected based on a new set of criteria, created by Leadership Victoria, that aims to target a variety of community leaders.

Community leaders share some common qualities:

  • They Know and Manage Self: Identify and Apply Personal Values to Inform a Personal Vision, Recognize and Build Leadership Styles and Strengths, Cultivate Positive Self-Management and Personal Accountability, Commit to Lifelong Learning, Cultivate Cultural Awareness and Support for Reconciliation.
  • They Navigate Community Systems: Know the Community, Embrace the Complexity of the Community, Build Capacity for a Healthy Community, Engage Diverse Perspectives, Catalyze Change.\
  • They Lead Through Influence: Create a Shared Vision, Mobilize Others, Convene and Facilitate Gatherings, Communicate Openly, Manage Conflict Constructively, Support Effective Group Dynamics.
  • They Make Things Happen: Translate Vision into Action, Support Collaboration and Accountability, Innovate and Respond to Challenges, Promote Ideas and Gain Support, Attract, Acknowledge, and Retain Resources and Volunteers.


The selection process has been revamped to include a selection panel of past recipients and community members that will determine which nominees with be selected for recognition in their community. Up to 24 awards will be administered and recipients will be recognized in a press release in early January followed by the Victoria Community Leadership Awards reception hosted at Government House on March 2nd, 2016. One outstanding community leader will be profiled as a "Lifetime of Leadership" recipient. We are administering the awards with a fresh approach in an effort to better represent the "community" aspect in the Victoria Leadership Awards.